Creating IT Futures: 2017 Summit

Washington State IT CTC faculty are invited to the Creating IT Futures 2017 Summit sponsored by the Center of Excellence. It will be taking place Thursday/Friday, May 18/19, 2017 at the Mercer Island Community and Events Center. This is free for our faculty. Topics will include: Robotics & AI Program Development, Disruptive Technologies, IT Jeopardy, and how IT programs can get ready for a very different future… We’ll have an industry panel, marketing updates, a robotic demonstration, and more…

Creating IT Futures

Where is the Unified Global Approach to Ethics in Robotics and AI: If We Can’t Get Along Globally, How Will Our Artificially Intelligent Off-Springs?

Who determines the ethics and values that will drive functioning robots/AIs as they evolve into future action/decision-takers/makers globally? Ethical robotic organizations today can only address this with a dated one-liner from Asimov, “Do no harm to humans.” Don’t much larger, urgent questions about this loom?

Flying Ship

Robotics and Automation: A Retrospective and the Reality of Bot Nation

This Robotics/AI report has been researched and defined to enable IT program faculty across the state to consider the changes robotics and automation will bring to the workforce, as well as consider what kinds of program or curricular changes they might make to their current IT programs.

Crudely shaped humanoid figure.
  • #BotNation Robotics will also replace many jobs currently filled by humans: the ? to ask is what will people do to earn sustainable wages? - Jul 20, 10:48pm
  • #BotNation The reality for WA State, the US, & the global economy: robotics/automation will produce jobs for those in IT & mechatronics. - Jul 20, 10:46pm
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