Updates & News for August 2017

Updates & New for August 2017 from the Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology: 10 IT Professional Development Training Scholarships for CTC IT Faculty across the state, a new robotics & AI program for Bellevue College, IT Futures Summit 2017 Highlights and the IT Jeopardy Champions!

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WA State CTC IT Faculty Professional Development Training Scholarships for 2017-2018

The Center of Excellence for Information Technology is offering up to 10 IT Professional Development Training Scholarships to CTC IT Faculty across Washington State. IT Faculty have three different application/rationale deadlines (September & November 2017 and January 2018). Apply now!

A driver's eye view traveling south on Interstate 5 in Washington state, part of the Pacific Northwest. It is a warm summer day. This part of the freeway is about half way between Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Brand names and logos have been removed from vehicles or are discernible. Blue sky and wispy clouds provide plenty of copy space.

IT Futures Summit 2017: Highlights & This Year’s IT Jeopardy Champs

IT faculty from across the state attended for a 1.5 day experience that featured another IT industry professional panel discussing and exploring disruptive technology (focusing on robotics/AI). Small group discussions looked at college’s IT programs, challenges, strengths, and new program and degree developments.

IT Futures Summit 2017 IT Jeopardy Winners May 19 2017
  • #BotNation Robotics will also replace many jobs currently filled by humans: the ? to ask is what will people do to earn sustainable wages? - Jul 20, 10:48pm
  • #BotNation The reality for WA State, the US, & the global economy: robotics/automation will produce jobs for those in IT & mechatronics. - Jul 20, 10:46pm
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