What new technology competencies should the IT graduate be anticipating and searching out to master either in college, a training program, opportunities provided online, or by self-mastery (reading a book, or IT content-specific website)?

What new technology competencies should IT graduates anticipate, seek out, and master for a successful IT career pathway?

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Building an IT Career-Ready Washington: 2015 and Beyond

Building an IT-Ready Washington: 2015 and Beyond outlines in-demand technical skills and knowledge, including employability skills, IT students should become familiar with as they are required by prospective employees.

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Develop A Cybersecurity Camp for High School Students

Whatcom Community College (WCC) hosts a Cybersecurity Center to provide access to Information Security and Information Assurance (IA) resources. Develop a Cybercamp at your college by can be adopting the materials Whatcom created through NSF-funding.

WCC CIS Program
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