IT Workforce Demand & Technology Trends Panel (Aligning Demand, Skills & Training with Industry Needs) September 30, 2014

On September 30, 2014, the Center assembled its IT industry panel for the “The HR Policy Foundation Workforce Development Round Table and the Community College Workforce Consortium”. The panelists discussed sound, practical tips, tools, and resources to improve the quality of the IT classroom experience and generate well-rounded, work- and IT-ready graduates.

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News & Updates: Fall 2014

Center News & Updates: Fall 2014 – Find out about the statewide IT program marketing plan, progress on IT common courses, what technical knowledge and employability skills make the ideal IT graduate, standardization of IT BAS degree titles, and more…

IT Program Marketing Plan

What new technology competencies should the IT graduate be anticipating and searching out to master either in college, a training program, opportunities provided online, or by self-mastery (reading a book, or IT content-specific website)?

What new technology competencies should IT graduates anticipate, seek out, and master for a successful IT career pathway?

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