IT Futures Summit 2017: Highlights & This Year’s IT Jeopardy Champs

IT faculty from across the state attended for a 1.5 day experience that featured another IT industry professional panel discussing and exploring disruptive technology (focusing on robotics/AI). Small group discussions looked at college’s IT programs, challenges, strengths, and new program and degree developments.

IT Futures Summit 2017 IT Jeopardy Winners May 19 2017

Creating IT Futures: 2017 Summit

Washington State IT CTC faculty are invited to the Creating IT Futures 2017 Summit sponsored by the Center of Excellence. It will be taking place Thursday/Friday, May 18/19, 2017 at the Mercer Island Community and Events Center. This is free for our faculty. Topics will include: Robotics & AI Program Development, Disruptive Technologies, IT Jeopardy, and how IT programs can get ready for a very different future… We’ll have an industry panel, marketing updates, a robotic demonstration, and more…

Creating IT Futures

Where is the Unified Global Approach to Ethics in Robotics and AI: If We Can’t Get Along Globally, How Will Our Artificially Intelligent Off-Springs?

Who determines the ethics and values that will drive functioning robots/AIs as they evolve into future action/decision-takers/makers globally? Ethical robotic organizations today can only address this with a dated one-liner from Asimov, “Do no harm to humans.” Don’t much larger, urgent questions about this loom?

Flying Ship
  • #BotNation Robotics will also replace many jobs currently filled by humans: the ? to ask is what will people do to earn sustainable wages? - Jul 20, 10:48pm
  • #BotNation The reality for WA State, the US, & the global economy: robotics/automation will produce jobs for those in IT & mechatronics. - Jul 20, 10:46pm
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