Review of IT/CS CTC Programs (Degrees & Certificates) by Industry Professionals

Information and Computing Technology Degree and Certificate Industry Review Service for Washington State Community and Technical College Programs

The Center works with its IT/CS industry professionals (from multiple career pathways – web programming, programming, development, engineers, networking, systems, database, hardware/software technicians, and gaming, etc.) to review Washington state CTC IT/CS program degrees and certificates  each year that are currently in place (one degree or certificate per college). The Center announces annually when it will be accepting applications for its review session at no charge.  The deadline for the 2015-2016 IT program reviews deadline is November 2014 for up to four college IT program applications is December 2015.

Since 2010, the Center has performed 55 ICT degree/certificate reviews (including proposals for IT applied baccalaureate degrees) at no charge for Washington State community and technical colleges.  After each review by industry professionals, a custom report summarizing the recommendations made by the industry review team, as well as provide a high-level workforce trend scan, employment trends if applicable, and possibilities for emerging trends that might impact curricular changes or developments, is issued to each college that submitted an IT degree or certificate.

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