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ATETV.org, “It All Comes Back to Math”

In my role as a core advisor for ATETV.org, an award-winning Web-based video series and interactive network designed to connect students and professionals with careers in advanced technology, I reviewed a large number of videos, suggested narrator dialogue, and to my best ability offered advice when asked.  It was an extremely rewarding experience. The work produced is informative, fun, high-quality and innovative.  It is an outstanding website.

Last week one of my favorite episodes was featured, “It All Comes Back to Math”.  The ATETV blog includes both the video, as well as a number of resource that might assist students in overcoming math anxiety as well as some excellent information on statistics.

I sent this note to Julie Rivinus, Executive Director at The Association for Interactive Media Education, after reading the most recent ATETV blog post.

Hi Julie: It’s great!  I love it (especially since I’m one of the biggest fans of statistics and took two statistics courses – one as an undergraduate and one as a graduate.) I worked extremely hard at the statistics course in graduate school and didn’t think initially I would have to work very hard at it.  Well, my first quiz told me otherwise  I could either give up or dig my heels in and study. So, I bought index cards (I was 35 years old at the time), wrote down the formulas and did the statistics problems not once, or twice, but three to five times until I memorized them. I worked during my lunch hour, after work and usually 12 hours over the weekends. It paid off and I received a 3.9 at the end of the quarter.  I use statistics constantly in my job.  I especially love postulating a conclusion and then finding out through statistics if I’m correct.  So, wonderful point.  Thanks so much! Maureen

Check out the video at ATETV.org

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