Working Connection Reports: Best Practices, Curriculum, Lesson Plans, & More…

Working Connection Fellowship Reports

The four faculty created reports detailing what was learned as a result of the training; any new best practices developed as a result of the training; implementation plans for the fall 2012-spring 2013 classroom; and, any changes in the new or updated technology that was covered in the training.

They provide valuable resources, curricular ideas, lesson plans, new technology updates, and more.

Note: Click on the image to download the PDF.


What You Can Learn About Problem-Based Learning (PBL) & Windows 8, by Adam Coleman, Clark College


Introduction to Problem-Based Learning, by Judith Graham, Bates Technical College


Impressions and Ways to Implement Problem Based Learning, Windows 8, and Office 15 in Your Classroom, by George Neal,South Puget Sound Community College


Audacious Android Programming and jQuery Mobile, by Lee Falta, Bellingham Technical College