New Podcasts Series: WaInfoTechTalks Focusing on Disruptive Technologies

The Center of Excellence has launched a brand new podcasts series, WAInfoTechTalks.  Two have been published and three more will be loaded in April for the Center’s first season.

This podcast series focuses on disruptive technology that is, and WILL impact workforce demand in Washington State as well as IT programs (curriculum for degrees and certificates) at our CTCs.

 Rise of the Machines Atlas  rotm2  Podcast 2 Hacking with Dima Protchenko & Maureen Majury 021016  hack2
Rise of the Machines: What Does It Mean?

(Part 1)

Rise of the Machines: What Does It Mean?

(Part 2)

Hacking: What’s It Good For? Absolutely Nothing: However, It’s Good for Bad People (Part 1) Hacking: What’s It Good For? Absolutely Nothing: However, It’s Good for Bad People

(Part 2)


Rise of the Machines: Content Summary

Maureen Majury, director for the Center, sits down with Jonny Chambers, Director of Information Technology, University School of Dentistry (formerly at Microsoft) to explore:

  • past and future of robots:
  • how they might take over our jobs and eventually our lives (ok, maybe not)
  • the job outlook in Washington State
  • how predictive was science fiction, film, and television about how robots and automation might replace repetitive tasks and more complex occupations?

There are definitely some entertaining highlights, including the creation and future existence of robot nannies, babies, and pets.

Hacking: What’s it Good For?

Maureen sits down with Dima Protchenko, a software engineer for Healthentic, to discuss:

  • hacking and security in present day and past
  • how it’s portrayed in film.
  • learn what some of the unusual hacking terminology means, such as phishing, fuzzing and Trojan horses.
  • tiptoe into a hot topic in the news: Apple V the FBI – do we know the whole story?

Looking to the future, we have three new Podcasts coming in April for our listeners:

  • entertainment and technology’s impact right now and in the future
  • web design/development/UX
  • Data & Predictive analytics and there will be a follow-up with Dima Protchenko on Apple, ransom ware, and more…

So, follow the Center’s new podcast series, WAInfoTechTalks, to learn more about disruptive technologies impacting everything from the workforce, to IT programs, to how will it impact our everyday life.  Look for upcoming episodes focusing on: Entertainment and Technology, Web Development/Design/UX, and Data Analytics.

You’ll learn, laugh, you might cry (we hope not!)  Just Do It!  Join us as we Talk Tech.

These podcasts were produced at Bellevue College.