The Summit offers attendees the opportunity to: Learn about current upcoming technical skills sought by businesses Focus on integration of new technologies and strategies for classroom learning Choose from a number of presentations and hear from Microsoft professionals for a specific area of interest Network with other instructors to build a community amongst our institutions […]

The Center of Excellence for Information & Computing Technology (COEICT) is a statewide resource for:

  • Washington’s community and technical colleges
  • Information technology industry and employers
  • K-12 educational system

We convene stakeholders, provide resources, and identify solutions for Washington’s technical workforce needs.

The COEICT works closely with education and industry partners to support the growth of the technology sector in Washington State. We provide:

  • Best practices for technology training and education
  • Up-to-date research on emerging technology trends, required skills, and labor market needs
  • Coordinated access to a diverse and highly skilled workforce
  • Strategic partnerships around IT workforce planning and equitable access to in-demand jobs

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What are the Centers of Excellence?

Washington state’s 12 Centers of Excellence (COE) serve as the statewide liaisons to business, industry, labor and the state’s educational systems, for the purpose of creating a highly skilled and readily available workforce critical to the success of the state’s economy. Each Center is funded by an annual allocation from the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTCand is housed at a community or technical college.

Learn more about the COEs at www.coewa.com.

What do Centers of Excellence do?

Centers collaborate with community and technical colleges, industry partners, and others to facilitate equitable access to in-demand jobs and build a diverse, highly skilled, and readily available workforce for the state of Washington. 

We provide resources, tools, and information to our partners to assess skill gaps, expand training capacity, and incorporate best practices into education and employment programs.

What is the Center of Excellence for Information & Computing Technology?

The Center of Excellence for Information & Computing Technology (COEICT) convenes partnersprovides resources, and identifies solutions related to building a diverse, highly skilled, and readily available technical workforce for the state of Washington. 

The COEICT is hosted by Bellevue College and works on behalf of the technology programs at all 34 of Washington’s community and technical colleges.

What services does the COEICT provide?

For our education partners:

  • Technology training and professional development
  • Job demand information
  • Industry insights into required skills and competencies
  • Curriculum resources
  • K-12 engagement
  • Student-facing industry activities
  • Career exploration and scholarship resources

For our industry partners:

  • Industry-aligned and responsive curriculum
  • Coordinated access to a diverse talent pool
  • Access to corporate and customized training; upskilling for incumbent workers
  • Internship program development
  • Training opportunities

What areas of technology do we focus on?

Washington’s community and technical colleges offer associate degrees, applied bachelor degrees, and certificates in several technology disciplines: information systems and technology, software and application development, programming, IT support, network and systems administration, database management, data analytics, game development, web development, cybersecurity, and more. View the IT Program Guide here.

How can we connect?

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The Center of Excellence for Information & Computing Technology (COEICT) relies on the expertise of a volunteer Advisory Board to provide critical insights about Washington’s technology ecosystem and be a strategic partner in realizing the Center’s strategic plan. The Advisory Board includes industry partners who want to help build a diverse technical workforce for Washington state. The Board also provides industry-related insights, guidance, and recommendations to the COEICT in the following areas:

  • Economic Development
  • Industry Sector Strategy
  • Education, Innovation and Efficiency
  • Workforce Supply/Demand
  • Equity and Access