Careers in IT: The Real Story took place on April 18, 2012.  It was a huge success!  Video of the event are available for viewing here.

Teachers, faculty, counselors, and career specialists are invited to bring their students to annual Careers in IT: The Real Story to learn how important Information Technology is to their future.  This is a free, half-day event.  Plan to attend the 7th annual event in the early spring of 2013 (Wednesday, April 17, 2013). This free half-day event is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the many career options available in Information Technology . . .Register here.

  • Technology touches every job, career, and industry!
  • Technology literacy is essential to succeed in today’s market
  • Discover how to get started in a variety of careers including:
    • From web design to video and film production
    • Gaming to mobile and wireless
    • Information Technology is not just programming! (But, hint: software engineering and application development – programming – are two of the most in-demand, and highest paid career pathways)
  • IT jobs require leadership skills, communication abilities, teamwork and a love for constant challenges!

Each year the event features an industry keynote speaker, panelists from a variety of IT organizations speak to their careers, experience in colleges, preparation for a career in IT, and what their daily challenges and opportunities are, as well as answering attendee questions.  Prizes are typically raffled off, and 2013 prizes include an Xbox 360 as well as video games.  Note:  Clock hours are available for our K-12 educators.


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