Absolutely Mobile: Developing Applications Evaluative Data and ROI

The Instructor demonstrated command of the subject matter and was well prepared.


The activities planned enhanced my understanding of the content.


The organization of each of the two days was good, with appropriate pacing and a good mix of instruction and hands-on activity.


The instructor modeled excellent teaching.


There was a satisfying mix of technical and best practices.


As a result of my participation in Absolutely Mobile: Application Development, I will incorporate some new teaching methodologies in my own teaching.



  • I will incorporate some new technologies but not new methodologies.
  • Moving HTML5 to and applications looks easier.
  • Building out a new mobile development curriculum this summer. The development platform ideas (Virtual box, phonegap) here will really help.
  • The virtual machine coverage for Android was particularly useful.
  • Reinforced my love of virtual box, reminded me how important open source programming is and how we need to teach more of it.
  • Yes, if I use these tools.
  • I’ll probably need another course and a lot more studying and time.
  • Definitively start teaching more advanced HTML5 and CSS3.

I would recommend this instructor.



  • Charlie provided some great overview information but spent too much time on virtual machine installations.  He could have provided mope “hands-on” activities but we do have his web-site to refer to afterwards.
  • More hands on.
  • Charlie appears to know what he is talking about. However being a networking person it was over my head the second day. That was ok as I was here to get info on where my software group is going.
  • Charlie provided clear instruction and an open, accessible style. I appreciated how willing he was to follow-up on questions and investigate our interests together. The elvenware site will be a good resource.    Perhaps simplify some of the demo discussion and spend additional time with hands on activity.
  • Great presence.
  • Great presentation style; obviously prepared, worked well with the wide spectrum of student knowledge in the class.
  • Great instructor. Loads of great examples. Has wonderful documentation on the website for us to use in the future.
  • I might even have to cross the lake to take a class from him 🙂
  • I wish I could tap into his brain for a few weeks or months…
  • Great instructor! Great topic, follow up hands-on-class would be great. Same format Friday/Saturday.

Overall Comments:

  • Not much hands-on as expected as outlined
  • Intersperse some hands on as advertised. Skip the history of tcp/ip. First day too slow. Second day too fast.
  • Fun class. Need to not go over so much of the basics in the beginning. Most people in the class know this material.
  • Thank you for this work
  • Charlie is very well prepared. He is an excellent speaker and very likable. More hands on activities…even a few hours of experimenting with some very basic code would be awesome.
  • Learned a lot.
  • Excellent instructor
  • Instructor was great.
  • Quite good coverage for what was really a brief amount of time.
  • Class didn’t have enough hands on because the class time was just too short. This could have been a week long class. Loved it!  Great instructor.
  • We need a weekend long of iOS workshop if possible.
  • This was a great whirlwind tour; I only wish it had lasted a week so I would have had more time to absorb it!
  • Thanks, for the great food.

The course objectives and course content met my needs.


The content of this course will enhance my effectiveness as a teacher.


I will teach or use content from this course during the coming academic year.


The course expanded my skills in this subject.


The course materials/books were appropriate and enhanced the track session.


The course’s written description on the website matched the actual course content.


Overall rating of course content. The course met my needs or goals.


General Comments:

  • We did not focus on actual software development sufficiently.  We spent too much time on very detailed procedures for installing virtual machines.
  • Text never referenced during presentation
  • Spent more time on cloud than on mobile application development
  • Great course.
  • Great class. Need five more weekends of instruction please!
  • Charlie’s willingness to adapt the level and content to our desires was outstanding.  He covered an enormous amount of material in an amazingly short period of time.

The registration form was easy to complete and submit.


The cost is reasonable and the value is good.


The logistics (in-person check-in and registration, customer service) met my expectations.


The facilities and labs met my expectations.


The quality and choices of food at the Absolutely Mobile course was satisfactory.



  • Great knowledge, but maybe less fire hose and more hands-on
  • Lab was too hot.
  • Received exposure, but should have included more hands-on.
  • Thanks for offering this course. Great resource.
  • I didn’t really like the book but EVERYTHING ELSE was great. He has put a lot of time and energy into creating this material.
  • If you get this instructor back for a week long advanced class I am totally all over it.  Thanks for the meat!

Overall rating of the Absolutely Mobile professional development opportunity: The training met my expectations.


Return on Investment

Expense Description


Expense Total Revenue
Instruction $750




Food $1560  
Textbooks $440.00  
Facility <$1,524*>  
Giveaways <$145*>  
Total $2,750 $2,875

In-Kind/Donations totaled $1,669 (denoted by *), with registration fees generating $2,875, covered 58% of the total costs associated with the training.

Comparable training started at $980 and $1,495 (not including food or a textbook), and $1,500.   Taking the average of the three training offerings, the average is $1,325.  Thus, for the 24 participants, if they had to enroll in the training from a for-profit organization it would have cost $31,800.  A total of $26,995 was saved as a result of the Center offering this professional development opportunity.

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