Building Your Web 2.0 Website with WordPress Evaluative Data and ROI

The Instructor demonstrated command of the subject matter and was well prepared.


The activities planned enhanced my understanding of the content.


The organization of each of the two days was good, with appropriate pacing and a good mix of instruction and hands-on activity.


The instructor modeled excellent teaching.


There was a satisfying mix of technical and best practices.


As a result of my participation in Web 2.0: Develop Your Website with WordPress, I will incorporate some new teaching methodologies in my own teaching.



  • The training, tools and resources were sufficient to get me going.  It was very helpful.

I would recommend this instructor.



  • Juan is personable and respectful of all learning levels and questions.
  • I liked the Saturday session better.

Overall Comments:

  • Juan did a good job of adjusting some course goals to fit the dynamics of the classroom/students’ questions and needs.  His flexibility in that regard helped align outcomes with what attendees wanted.  Juan’s subject-matter expertise contributed to his ability to be flexible in that regard.
  • Enjoyed this class.
  • Juan is full of information and his style was very friendly and relaxed.  He did not use “geek” speak and was easy to understand for most of us.  He also did a good job of making technical explanations.
  • I loved this course. This introduction to WordPress was great. Juan went nicely through the basics.
  • Thanks Juan and Maureen for putting together a great class!
  • Perhaps having a class for beginning WordPress and a class for Advanced WordPress might be a good idea. I did enjoy this workshop though and have learned a great deal.  I just need to go home and start doing it.  I think the book will be a tremendous resource, too.  Thank you for including it!

The course objectives and course content met my needs.


The content of this course will enhance my effectiveness as a teacher.


I will teach or use content from this course during the coming academic year.



  • I am still determining how well I can or will bring this tool into the classroom environment.
  • Hope so but because of the budget, I’m not sure.

The course expanded my skills in this subject.


The course materials/books were appropriate and enhanced the track session.


The course’s written description on the website matched the actual course content.


Overall rating of course content. The course met my needs or goals.


General Comments:

  • It was informative, engaging and useful.  I would attend a WordPress 2 if offered.
  • I would have liked to hear more about how a mobile page could have worked.
  • I’d rather have Juan with me than the book.

The registration form was easy to complete and submit.


The cost is reasonable and the value is good.


The logistics (in-person check-in and registration, customer service) met my expectations.


The facilities and labs met my expectations.


The quality and choices of food at the WordPress course was satisfactory.



  • Thank you for using Whole Foods!  More coffee throughout the day would be my only suggestion.
  • Thank you for having quality food and not sandwiches and chips. I appreciate the effort that was made in making us feel comfortable and well fed.
  • This was the best food I have ever had at a (conference) training event.

Overall rating of the WordPress professional development opportunity: The training met my expectations.


Return on Investment Breakdown:


Expense Description Expense Total Revenue
Instruction $750
Food $1,117
Textbooks $468.81
Facility <$1,524*>
Giveaways <$145*>
Total $666.81 $2,200

Comparable training started at $129 and $197 (online, not including food or a textbook), and $299 ( for six hours (not including food), and $325 for another online course.   Taking the average of the four training offerings, the average is $238.  Thus, for the 23 participants, if they had to enroll in the training from a for-profit organization it would have cost $5,474.  A total of $4,805 was saved as a result of the Center offering this professional development opportunity.In-Kind/Donations totaled $1,669 (denoted by *) and registration fees generated $2,200 combined covered 41% of the total costs associated with the training.

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