IT Skill Standards

IT Skill Standards 2020 and Beyond

ITSS 2020 mission is to create a contemporary and future-facing set of IT Skill Standards for the most critical IT job clusters, led by employer thought leaders and subject matter experts (SMEs) nationally. The IT Skill Standards 2020 and Beyond project is developing employer-led, up-to-date skill standards and student learning outcomes with the goal of expanding the pipeline of right-skilled individuals to fill the many open IT jobs across the nation over the next several years.

The ITSS 2020 team brought together nearly 100 CIOs and CTOs to identify the most immediate and critical future-focused technology job clusters. They invited experts from across the tech industry to identify the critical technical skills, key performance indicators, and employability skills needed in the workforce.

Software Development
Technical  Project Management
Technical Support
Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling
Data Management and Engineering
Infrastructure Connectivity, Management and Engineering
Security (coming soon)