Information Technology (IT) CTC Courses: 2014 – 2016

Increase Ease of Access for CTC Transfer Students

To address both the consistent as well as  increasing demand for a skilled workforce, the Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology held a one-day IT Futures Summit: Pathways to IT Applied Baccalaureate Degrees for Washington State Students, including working with IT Programs of Study & Common Courses in Information Technology (IT) on Friday, June 7, 2013 at Microsoft’s Conference Center.

One of the activities the 22 Washington State Community and Technical College (CTC) information and computing technology (ICT) teams (faculty, academic deans/vice presidents, and program chairs) performed was to review and make recommendations on six common courses. These courses were selected for their commonality to the majority of ICT programs across the state.

Update & Final Decisions:  The same group assembled on May 15/16th, 2014, and reviewed the work that has taken place over the last three years with the IT Common Course Initiative, and after small group and large group discussions came to a set of final decisions around these IT common courses, as well as the acronyms/numbers to use moving forward.  They also made decisions on creating a standardization for IT baccalaureate of applied science degrees (BAS) titles.  And, finally additional courses were identified to continue IT common course work if desired.  Read the final decisions, outcomes, and steps IT CTC faculty are taking moving into 2014-2015.

February 2015 – Winter Quarter UPDATE:  Unless faculty across the state agree to pursue this through the formal process of through the State Board, this decision (with some preliminary polling occurring prior) will be discussed and decided upon at the May 14th/15th Summit at the Mercer Island Community and Events Center.  At this time, please remove the ampersand from all course numbering if you have published anything online or in print.  

Fall 2015:  Replace the ampersand (&) and the term that had the most responses is CTC IT Courses. Please use that before the course number.

CTC IT Courses (CTCITC):

Read the results from the January 2015 Next Series of Common Courses Survey here.

This is the suggested language to use, when updating, if needed, your own courses learner outcomes to the IT Common Courses listed above that identifies your IT program’s courses as belonging to the IT Common Course consortium.

* Note:  The following course’s learner outcomes align to the common IT course, IT 111: Programming I, and is accepted as a transfer course with participating Washington State community and technical colleges.  Look for this notation if transferring to another IT Program at a Washington State community or technical college. 

The purpose of reviewing and adopting these courses by the CTC’s IC&T program is to:

  • remove barriers for students moving from one college to another college,
  • as well as create opportunities for the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) to work with high schools to facilitate adoption of the course  objectives in full or an abbreviated form (for example, Programming 1 would take two semesters to complete, or AP Computer Science could be aligned for core course objectives).

Prior issues identified in June 2013, that have been resolved by IT faculty in May 2014 (see below):

One of the issues that could have potentially make adoption difficult was the program acronyms. With so many different acronyms (IT, CTN, IS) prefacing course numbers it would have naturally impeded progress in adopting these courses.  Additionally, articulation agreements for certain courses and transferability to a four-year higher education institution would have created another layer of complexity.  A solution was provided at the June 7 Summit which creates opportunities not just for IT common courses, but for other disciplines as well.

The Center has compiled the results of the Creating IT Futures Summit (May 2014) faculty decisions and over 13 Washington State CTC IT programs will be participating as adopter’s of the IT Common Courses

All the courses have been updated to incorporate as many of the faculty recommendations made at the May Summit.  The six courses have been updated, incorporating final recommendations from the faculty participants.

Next steps include:

  • Faculty took the the following survey which outlined all the courses as well as learning outcomes, suggested prerequisites, etc. Between now and December 2014, college faculty will work with their peers and IT program administrators to add the notation with the courses they have committed to adopt as IT Common Courses, in their course descriptions which may appear on their program web page, college catalog, or online quarterly schedule.
  • Selecting two dates for February and May 2015 to continue the work of developing additional IT Common Courses, a state-wide IT Program dynamic marketing strategy and plan, additional IT BAS degrees, and more…


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