Access Robotics/AI Courses on CANVAS (Instructions)

To access the Robotics/AI courses (ROBAI), 100- through 400-level courses, please read the following instructions, and send the volunteer forms to Maureen Majury, Center Director, at

The process of adding an instructor outside of BC is very similar to an instructor who is brand new to BC. Please note that it can take a few weeks to complete this process, mostly depending on the turnaround time for paperwork.

  1. If they have not already, they will need to fill out the appropriate paperwork with HR. (See the volunteer demographics and volunteer registration forms.)
  2. Much like any employee, they will need to be assigned a SID and PIN so that they can create their BC email.
  3. Once they have their BC email and SID, Canvas will pull in their information.
  4. Orientations: (These are not automatically populated in Canvas.)
    1. If they are listed as a volunteer in HR, they will need to then complete FERPA training. If they are on a teaching contract and are listed as Faculty by HR, they will not need to complete FERPA. (FERPA is required for everyone being added to Canvas courses, except those whose job is listed on the HR records as Faculty.) Registration for FERPA is typically handled by Steve Downing, so a request for access must be completed on the FERPA link above.
    2. If they have taken a Canvas Orientation at their school, I will need verification of completion from their school. Otherwise, they will need to take the BC Canvas Orientation. (Which if they have worked on Canvas before, please to straight to the quiz and then it will only take a few minutes.) IT handles registration for this orientation (Contact Jennifer Conner at, and cc: Maureen Majury).