IT Applied Baccalaureate Program & Degree Program Titles

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Developed by the Center of Excellence & the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

The state board recommended a standardized format be developed for IT BAS degree titles. There were a number of reasons given (student confusion as to what the degree really covers/focuses on, ability to articulate from one four-year degree to another, etc.). The following standardized format for IT BAS degree titles will be used for all current and future degrees.

  •  IT Application Development
  • IT Database Administration
  • IT Data Analysis
  • IT Game Development
  • IT Networking
  • IT Software
  • IT Systems Software 

Note: After the titles above, the college can specify a specific focus, or concentration.  For example, Bellevue College has a baccalaureate of applied science degree focusing on Data Analytics, and may elect to either keep the general title, “IT Data Analysis” or make it more specific and add “Analytics” after the general title, “IT Data Analysis – Analytics”.  Any college submitting an IT BAS degree proposal needs to 1) keep these degree title conventions in mind, and 2) if a proposal has already been submitted, look for SBCTC to announce the faculty decision to go with this degree title standardization and title conventions.

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