The State-Level Programs of Study (POS) project is the result of the Comprehensive Technical Education (CTE); Bill 6377, passed in the 2007-2008 session of the Washington State Legislature.  Centers of Excellence in Construction, Health Care, and Information Technology were designated to manage state-level POS projects and primarily convene multiple partners to:

  • Develop a standard process and template for POS that can be portable across Washington
  • Verify data
  • Develop a design that could be used in an online format

Over 350 secondary and post-secondary level educators, industry, labor, and workforce development professionals participated in this project.

The three project goals, each with its own unique research methodology produced the following deliverables:

  1. Programs of Study Template
  2. Users Guide
  3. Project Overview with State-Wide stakeholders (K-20 teachers, faculty, Para-professionals, students, Technical Preparation professionals, administrators, and industry)

Read the POS Final Report and download the POS User Guide.

Download the following IT Academic Pathways Planning Guides by Information Technology Career Pathway:

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