Common Course: Data Structures

This common course, Data Structures, was created by looking at the Data Structures and Algorithms Courses of the participating two- and four-year colleges present:  Eastern Washington University, Seattle University, Pacific Lutheran University, and the Western Governors University represented the four-year high education institutions.  Bellevue, Cascadia Colleges, and Green River, Highline, Shoreline Community Colleges, and Bates Technical College represented the two-year high education institutions.

Data Structures

  1. File and stream I/O, exception handling
  2. Data structures
    1. array-based list
    2. linked list
    3. stacks
    4. queues
  3. Algorithm Analysis
    1. Analyze the runtime performance of code segments using big-O notation
    2. Analyze the runtime performance of data structure operations using big-O notation.
  4. Binary Trees/Binary-search Trees
    1. Implement recursive and non-recursive algorithms to manipulate (construct, insert, delete, search, and traverse) binary search trees.
    2. Use binary search trees appropriately in solving problems.
    3. Demonstrate the operation of tree balancing (not necessary to implement in code).
  5. Hash Tables
    1. Describe different ways of resolving hash table collisions.
    2. Design and use hash tables appropriately in solving problems.
  6. Heaps
    1. Implement recursive and non-recursive algorithms to manipulate (construct, insert, delete, search, and traverse) heaps.
    2. Use heaps appropriately in solving problems.
  7. Sorting
    1. Describe the steps of quicksort, mergesort, heapsort algorithms.
    2. Compare and contrast sorting algorithms with respect to performance characteristics.
  8. Appropriate data structure use.

 Note: To transfer this course for credit to a four-year Washington State college or university a final grade of a 2.5 (B) is required


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