Common Courses: Programming I/II (No specific language designated)

These common courses, Programming I/II, was created by looking at the Java, C#, and C++ programming courses of the participating two- and four-year colleges present:  Eastern Washington University, Seattle University, Pacific Lutheran University, and the Western Governors University represented the four-year high education institutions.  Bellevue, Cascadia Colleges, and Green River, Highline, Shoreline Community Colleges, and Bates Technical College represented the two-year high education institutions.

Programming I/II

(No specific language designated)

  1. Designing, coding, basic testing, debugging programs
  2. Develop and implement algorithms in an object-oriented programming paradigm
  3. Data types and operators
  4. Variables and expressions
  5. Object oriented terminology and concepts
    1. Understand an object
    2. Instantiate an object
  6. Implementing methods
  7. Decisions and loops
  8. Reading API documentation
  9. Arrays
    1. Introduction to sorting and searching
  10. Style and coding standards
  11. Define and develop multiple classes in one program
  12. Inheritance and polymorphism
  13. Recursion


14. Graphical user interfaces
15. File and stream I/O
16. Exception handling
17. Data structures (array list, linked lists, stacks, queues, and binary trees)
18. Automated testing/unit testing


  1. General survey course in IT/CS required (CS 110, CS&)
  2. Java I/CSI (CS&141 = CS142)