The Center is committed to providing affordable program reviews or audits for the state’s CTC system.  Consulting is also available for the K-12 system, as well as industry. Customers can customize their program review or audit.

There are a number of components that customers can select from:

Information and Computing Technology Job Market Analysis

The consultant will gather information about the local IT job market through business surveys and also gather information from students, faculty, and K-12 representatives.   The data gathered will define the landscape of the IT job market from a variety of perspectives such as skills sought by employers, emerging training needs, current and future job market, experience with institution’s graduates and general feedback about the IT programs. The resulting data will be compared to statistical data to identify if the local trends reflect the national trends. Customers can work with the consultant to determine which data gathering method is most appropriate for them: online surveys, phone interviews, in-person interviews, and/or employer focus groups.


  • In-Depth Industry Interviews – As a follow-up to the industry portion of the market analysis, CoE for ICT will interview regional industry IT employers or advisory board members to further investigate skills required for their IT employees, hiring needs, emerging technologies that might demand a new technical knowledge or skill, and feedback of the IT program. This additional information will provide specifics about the survey answers and provide more insight into how to improve the IT programs to meet market needs.
  • In-Person Focus Group – The consultant will work with the client on how to identify and recruit industry professionals to participate in a focus group.  The consultant will then prepare for review by client focus group questions, an agenda; any related materials, as well as facilitating the focus group. The consultant will also use other work by the National Workforce Center for Emerging Technologies, such as the IT Skills Standards, to further investigate the importance of employability skills, soft skills and gather feedback from industry on the importance in the local market. By providing an opportunity to become involved in the process, local IT Hiring managers are more likely to contribute to the institution by participating in curriculum committees, job shadows, internships, job fairs and other programs.
  • Articulation Interviews – CoE for ICT will collect information from and interview 4 years schools and/or high schools in the area to determine the opportunities for articulating the college’s IT programs.


Review or Audit of Information and Computing Technology programs and Alignment to Workforce Needs

In order to create and maintain high quality and responsive information and computing technology programs and course offerings, a comparison of programs with the Market Analysis will be performed. This will identify areas where skills taught are meeting industry demand, and to what degree, and areas that need adjusting.   In determining how viable a program is, whether or not it needs to be refreshed, redefined, repurposed, or retired, interviews with all constituents is recommended.  This includes: faculty, students, staff, industry, and support services within the organization.

Recommendations Reporting

CoE for ICT will prepare a report outlining the following:

  • Synopsis of the market analysis study
  • Review of the current IT programs and courses
  • Present recommendations

Proposals and Pricing Options

Upon request, a proposal will be prepared and tailored to prospective client’s specific needs.

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