2010 Evaluative Data & ROI Report

Return on Investment

The ICT six college program (degree/certificate) review’s costs are as follows:

$1,125        15 of the 26 ICT industry professionals accepted the $75 stipend for their two- to three-hours of service.

$2,650        Personnel costs for two facilitators to work with three of the six teams.

$500           Food and beverages provided for ICT reviewers

$600           Facilities (in-kind as hosted at Bellevue College)

$25             Printing & Materials

$4,900        Total

If each college had done an independent ICT review for a program degree or certificate,  it would have entailed the minimum following hours per task (does not include the mentoring, advice to continue through May 2010):

2 hours to meet with and understand client needs

24 hours to develop a process, including reviewing the current program

8 hours to recruit, outline expectations, and confirm for the review a minimum of four ICT professionals

5 hours to prepare, facilitate review, and ensure payment to ICT industry professionals

8 hours to transcribe ICT review team recommendations, verify validity of recommendations, research workforce demand, and prepare report

3 hours to follow up, vet the report, create an evaluative process, and communicate/follow-up with the college and ICT industry professionals

50 hours at $250 per hour = $12,500

X 6 colleges = $75,000

* 94% cost savings for the taxpayer, or $70,100.  This does not include the changes the colleges might make if they implement the recommendations and increase a) enrollments; b) student satisfaction; c) increased employment and/or articulation.

Four of the six colleges reported back that either “some change” or “major changes” were made to the degree or certificate based upon the 2010 ICT reviews.


5 evaluations were completed (3 Workforce Administrators and 2 faculty members)

Did the ICT review align with your expectations of what the process and final product, the report, would be?

5 or 100%


  • Complete and very detailed
  • The process was very streamlined and efficient; we heard almost immediately that our application had been accepted.  The panel’s review was specific and we continue to review the suggestions they made for our Web program in order to audit our curriculum.  This has been a very helpful and engaging process.
  • (Yes), with exception of feedback related to job outlook in our region.

On a scale of one to five, with one being “Not at all” and five being “Very”, how useful did you find the report, with the analysis of program titles, course titles and descriptions, and high-level employment scan?

4.6 or 92%

Note: “5” given by all 3 Workforce administrators and “4” given by the 2 faculty respondents.

In reviewing the report, what specifically did you find helpful and what specifically did you not?

  • How the “outside” community found some of the available information confusing.
  • The recommendations in the report were very well phrased, and they tied directly with outcomes highlighted in our curricula so we did not have to do any detective work to figure out correlations.
  • High level employment scan was not as useful.

Upon review of the report, did your college decide to take action, based upon recommendations and analysis?

“Yes”, 3 out of 3

“We are still studying the report with our faculty”, 2 out of 2

If your college has decided to take action can you share this information with us, in the broadest of terms, so we can share this information without compromising your internal college decision-making and action processes?

  • It hasn’t been done, yet; probably a summer task.
  • We are developing the action plan.
  • We will have a complete new computer science program on campus both a direct transfer and associate of applied science degree options
  • Certainly, once it is available.
  • Will use as part of formal program review, especially titles and descriptions feedback, and areas of course specific weakness.

Finally, is there anything you would like to share, suggest, or provide feedback on the process with us? We were requested by one of the participating colleges to consolidate the six review findings within a broad report that can be utilized by the entire CTC system, without sharing any detailed information about your review. This report should be coming out by the end of April 2010. Is there anything else we can do to assist you? We are available to provide in-person feedback or mentoring upon request, at no charge.

  • I thought the review was useful as it provided a perspective of what was “unclear” in our programs to them, but “clear” to us.
  • We liked the report so much that we have decided to contract with Center of Excellence for ICT for our Networking program.
  • Goals were met. Project was completed on time with great detail.   Questions were asked regarding changes and they were implemented in the report.
  • Thank you for providing this service!
  • Perhaps the overview package could be clearer on what the report includes.