Return on Investment

The ICT four college program (11 degree/certificate for Clark, Bates Technical, Lower Columbia, Walla Walla Community Colleges) review’s costs are as follows (the Center also reviewed proposals, curriculum, etc. for four IT BAS degrees for Green River, North Seattle, Olympic, and Renton Technical Colleges) :



Stipends/mileage  paid for the industry professionals ($1,000*)


Travel to colleges for onsite reviews


Miscellaneous expenditures (phone, web, software)


Personnel costs interviewing,researching,writing and reviewing seven reports



Total                  $11,475

* denotes in-kind


If all the colleges hired a consultant to perform the services above for their IT program degree or certificate, it would have entailed the minimum following hours per task (does not include the mentoring, advice to continue through 2014-2015):

32 hours to discuss, meet with, and understand each client needs

40 hours to develop an expandeded process, including reviewing the current program

8 hours to recruit, outline expectations, and confirm for IT reviews, ICT professionals

480 hours for degree analysis, recommendations, verify validity of recommendations, research workforce demand, review feedback from industry professionals, and prepare report

5 hours to follow up, vet the report, set up a process for evaluation/feedback with each college, and communicate/follow-up with the college and ICT industry professionals

565 hours at $150*  per hour = $84,750

* Due to economic changes, the Center believes the $150 per hour rate is still a fair market consultant rate.

* 1,242.8% cost savings for the taxpayer, or $73,275.  This does not include the changes the colleges might make if they implement the recommendations and increase a) enrollments; b) student satisfaction; c) increased employment and/or articulation.  This will be assessed in 2014-2015.

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