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Robotics and AI Bachelors of Applied Science Coming to Bellevue College

After the fall 2018 launch of Bellevue College’s Associates in Robotics and AI (ROBAI) the college is working with the SBCTC to ready the college for the winter 2020 launch of a ROBAI Bachelor of Applied Science. The degree focuses on the software side of robotics/AI, including courses in machine learning, computer vision, neural networks, speech technology, and automated and embedded systems.

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Where is the Unified Global Approach to Ethics in Robotics and AI: If We Can’t Get Along Globally, How Will Our Artificially Intelligent Off-Springs?

Who determines the ethics and values that will drive functioning robots/AIs as they evolve into future action/decision-takers/makers globally? Ethical robotic organizations today can only address this with a dated one-liner from Asimov, “Do no harm to humans.” Don’t much larger, urgent questions about this loom?

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