WAInfoTech: Statewide IT Program Marketing Campaign

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The state’s CTC IT programs are accessible, affordable, provide excellent support, and are adaptable to new and emerging technologies.  They provide a variety of options for students who want to pursue an IT career pathway ranging from certificates, to degrees (both two- and four-year) that need to be highlighted.

The Center undertook an information and awareness campaign to make sure Washington State’s students, parents, and educators are aware of the wide variety of IT programs available to them.  The rationale is to a) increase FTEs, and b) increase the number of students getting a quality education in order to enter the workforce.  Given the competition coming from public four-years, as well as for-profit colleges/universities, the Center is intent upon leveling the playing field with an innovative and strategic marketing plan that serves all the CTCs.  This service is both a want and a need as articulated by a majority of CTC IT faculty.