State IT Program Marketing Advertising Results 2015-2016

Pandora (online radio) advertising:  For a 14 day 30-second advertisement run in King, Clark, Snohomish, Spokane, and Whatcom counties, clicks to the landing page of WAInfoTEch on the audio/tile totaled almost 4,000 (3,990). The Click-through rate (CTRs) was incredibly strong – Spokane County performed especially well at a .72% CTR, which is 20% over the benchmark.  Clicks per county are: 1,777 (King), 475 (Clark), 742 (Snohomish), 598 (Spokane), and 398 (Whatcom).

WA Info Tech

Click on the image above to listen to the audio ad that was featured on Pandora.


Metro and Sound Transit Bus Signage:  The Center contracted with Titan360 to run Metro and Sound Transit signage for a four-week period in King, Snohomish counties as well as in metro stations.

IT Program Marketing Metro


Postcard Mailing: Two postcards were developed and were mailed to 40,000 homes across the State, targeting young adults and families with young adults.

IT Marketing Postcard #1

IT Program Marketing Postcard #2

IT Program Marketing Postcard Back Both

Poster:  This poster will be sent to high schools, libraries, employment agencies across the state.

IT Program Marketing Poster

The Center is planning on continuing the IT program marketing service with radio (traditional and online), television, and other advertising strategies into 2016.  The following metrics were sent to IT faculty across the state to assist in measuring advertising effectiveness. Additional advertising categories will be added and IT faculty will receive the additional metrics.

IT Program Marketing Advertising Measurement Metrics

The Center is also measuring with Google Analytics the four advertising strategies on its website (WAInfoTech).