This year’s keynote speaker was Peli de Halleux, a Senior Research Software Developer Engineer from Microsoft Research.  His presentation was well received by the attendees.  He demonstrated how to develop a mobile phone application and how to get it published in a fun, informative, and interactive way.  The video of his presentation will be available in early May 2013.

This year’s Careers in IT: The Real Story’s IT industry panelists presented a diverse blend of backgrounds and academic and career pathways.  From two college students working as part-time IT professionals, to two Microsoft employees (who hold jobs researching and developing ways to help students design mobile applications to data visualization and business intelligence), to a Bellevue College graduate who has had a number of great jobs in IT, to a software engineer who works part-time so she can spend time with her children; they all had great information to share.  As such, they had not only strong on-the-job  experiences; advice to share, as well as how to go about finding a job, but great insights into what courses were valuable, how best to study, why in any economy most IT professionals can find employment, what is the best programming language to start with, and what their college experience was like.  Click on the image to the left to view the video. (Coming early May 2013)

The panelists were:

  • Andrew Craswell, Bellevue College
  • Peli de Halleux, Microsoft
  • Eric Kong, Bellevue College
  • Daniel Martinez, University of Washington
  • Maricel Medina, Bellevue College
  • Katie Metcalf, Microsoft
  • Ahmed Osman, TIBCO Software

Careers in IT: The Real Story is an annual event, free to students (K-14), educators, and anyone who is interested in finding out a career in IT.

If you love to figure things out by learning them yourself, like math or statistics (or, wonder why you should start to “like” math right now), are artistic, like to play chess, and love to solve a puzzle, start thinking about an IT educational and career pathway now.

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