63% of all colleges with IT programs registered for this year’s IT Futures Summit.  60 IT faculty who were confirmed as registered attended the event! The event took place at the Mercer Island Community and Event Center on May 16th/17th.   The 1.5 day experience featured a number of presentations from IT Faculty Professional Development Scholarship Recipients, as well as talking tech with IT professionals.  Networking with colleagues, and, feedback on the CoEs proposed 2019-2020 workplan.  And, the Center Director updated the attendees on the BAS in Robotics/AI and Data Science.  The courses and degree specifics are available to all IT programs across the state for the first year of the IR4 project.  The Center mixed up the game round with an IT Shark Tank contest for the three groups.

Meet our 2019 IT Shark Tank Champions (right to left)


The following are available to all WA State IT Program CTC Faculty from the Summit: