Evaluations: 2012

Evaluation Data and Return on Investment

2012 IT Education Summit: “Inspiring Faculty for Tomorrow’s IT Workforce”

Microsoft Innovations

Friday, May 18, 2012

Attendance: 138

Please rate your satisfaction by filling in the number that corresponds accurately with your response:

1 = Poor, 2 = Fair, 3 = Average, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

The overall satisfaction level of the keynote, presentations, registration and food. 94%
“Microsoft and Education”, Lee Anne Caylor, Director of Programs, Microsoft 94%
“Structured Signs and Infinite Games”, Donald Brinkman, Program Manager II, Microsoft 97%
“Data Management and the Cloud”, Tony Petrossian, Principal Group Manager, Microsoft 90%
“Refresh IT Program”, Jeff Johnson, Area Lead, Microsoft 93%
“Teaching CS on the Windows Phone”, Peli de Halleux, Sr. Research Software Developer Engineer, Microsoft 91%
“Office 365 Features and Productivity”, Derek Seymour, Solution Specialist, Microsoft 94%
“Office 15”, Jerry Smith, Accounting Technology Specialist, Microsoft 94%
“The Future of Development with HTML5 and Windows 8”, Giorgio Sardo, Senior Evangelism Manager, Microsoft 95%
The registration and confirmation process was easy 97%
The Summit food and beverages options were satisfactory 98%


Keynote/Presenter Comments:

Lee Ann Caylor

  • Excellent speaker.
  • Great introduction to the day.
  • Great! (2)

Donald Brinkman

  • Best presentation I’ve received from Microsoft, ever.
  • Comments
  • Excellent speaker and presenter.
  • Great presentation. I’m motivated to create a game!
  • Great.
  • Really interesting concepts and different ways to look at an old concept, “badges” and games, but transformed into a newer digital environment!
  • Very good presenter – fun, informative, funny.
  • Yes! Super!

Tony Petrossian

  • Great job.  Kept the technical level where I could understand.

Jeffrey Johnson

  • Solid informative presentation.

Peli de Halleux

  • Fun!
  • Amazing.

Derek Seymour

  • Great!

Jerry  Smith

  • Wow!
  • Unbelievable!

Giorgio Sardo

  • Fun to see new programs!
  • Outstanding information and fun.  Can’t wait for Windows 8.
  • Bravissimo Signor Sardo!!

General Comments:

  • Fantastic!
  • Great food!
  • Excellent food!
  • Do it every year.
  • Terrific!  Thank you!
  • Food, services, rooms, and presentations were very good.
  • Great Summit.
  • I have been coming to the Summit for at least five years.  This one has been the best for far. The presentations, the technology advancements, and the hospitality were all great.  The food this year was immaculate.
  • I love this event. Thank you Maureen for all your great work!  – Letty Barnes
  • I loved the food.  All the presentations were very professional, well prepared, and competent. Thank you for providing the Summit.
  • Look forward to coming each year.
  • Really enjoyed all the presentations!  The food was especially good.  Thank you for all who put this together.  I will come next year.
  • The presentation “Structured Signs and Infinite Games” was the least expected and thus in some ways the most innovative thing I heard today.  I hope Microsoft continues to explore that topic.  Overall, the Summit was excellent.  So glad I came, and I will continue to do so in the future and bring others with me. Thank you!
  • Wonderful again – I love the Summit. Thank you!

Return on Investment Breakdown:

Actual Expenses

Facility $1,593 ($4,100*)
Food $5,687
Material (Printed, badges) $724
Microsoft Time $4,333*
Prizes and giveaways $2,550 ($1,750*)
Travel/Time (speakers) $2,000*
Video Filming $4,000 ($2,300*)
Labor $3,880 ($1,500*)
Total $29,654 ($16,770*)


ROI and Systems Saving Data

Expenditures plus in-kind/donations totaled $29,654 (a decrease of 3% from 2011).  Total expenditures through the CoE totaled $12,884.  The in-kind/donations totaled $16,770 (denoted by *) covered 57% of the total costs associated with this event.

If in-kind donations had not been solicited it would have adversely affected the quality of the event, while at the same time increase the total CoE funds needed to cover expenses. If approximately $93 dollars per attendee had been charged to cover actual CoE expenses it would have negatively impacted CTC professional development dollars available to faculty and it would have adversely impacted access for faculty whose respective colleges couldn’t afford approximately $200 to $400 to send between three and four faculty to the Summit. If faculty paid a minimum of $300 to attend an alternate, one-day for-profit event featuring IT industry speakers, panelists, subject matter experts discussing and demonstrating new IT products, emerging technologies, how to use them in their classroom, and advice on how to update IT programs to meet changing industry needs, it would cost the state and taxpayers approximately $41,400.

The IT Futures Summit at a cost $93 per participant (this does not include the associated financial value of the in-kind donations), saved $28,516.




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