Evaluations: 2011

Evaluations: 2011

Evaluation Data and Return on Investment

2011 IT Education Summit: “Inspiring Faculty for Tomorrow’s IT Workforce”

Next Generation Technology Skills: What Industry Wants

Friday, May 20, 2011

Attendance: 134

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Overall quality of the this event 91%
Educational value 90%
Logistics (registration, food, confirmation, accommodations, etc.) 97%
Information Technology Developments, Larry Nelson, Director, Microsoft 87%
Arithmetic of Change, Donald Brinkman, Program Manager, Microsoft 95%
Mobile Applications, Analisa Roberts, Senior Manager, Microsoft 83%
Refresh IT Program, Jeff Johnson, Area Lead, Microsoft 91%
Windows Mobile Apps, Ben Lower, Product Manager, Microsoft 81%
Office 2010, John DuBois, Solution Specialist, Microsoft 92%
Web Matrix, Dan Waters, Solution Specialist, Microsoft 86%
Cloud & the Revolution of Big Data, Dennis Gannon, Director, Microsoft 93%
SharePoint 2010, Moritz Berger, Architect, Microsoft 86%


  • Nice day!
  • Nicely done; another great job.
  • Very helpful day – Thank you Maureen!
  • Lunch was super this year!
  • Thank you for providing this opportunity.
  • Excellent job! My first year and I plan to return in the future.  Very well organized – excellent speakers.
  • I really liked the overview of new and emerging technologies.  I always learn something new at the Summit.   Presenters (were) all great.  Really appreciated the Cloud revolution presentation by Dennis Gannon.  Thanks for hosting and for the great food!
  • Thank you. Excellent information; dynamic presenters providing current and future relevant IT developments.
  • Demo the Windows 7 Phone!!! This was a great though, thanks!
  • Great content.
  • Terrific event!
  • Thank you for the excellent opportunity to hear about IT updates and the future developments.  Great information and MS Campus site.
  • Thanks for another great event!

Return on Investment

134 K-20 IT teachers and CTC faculty attended the one-day, free IT Futures Summit at Microsoft. Faculty began their day with a 60-minute keynote presentation by Mr. Larry Nelson, World Wide Managing Director EDU Partners, Microsoft, who addressed Workforce Readiness for and through the Cloud. Mr. Nelson also took time for questions. Then participants were able to attend four of eight sessions, in one-hour blocks. Networking opportunities were available to attendees during the one-hour luncheon. Finally, there was a drawing for a number of prizes, including one Microsoft IT Academy Program memberships (a $1,375 value), BC Foundation-sponsored prizes totaling $223. Total in-kind monetary value of giveaways was $2,598. In-kind was the facility rental fee ($4,100) which was waived as Microsoft sponsored the event. Breakfast, snacks, and lunch were provided for all participants.

In reviewing the average registration fees for a comparable event, the fee for a one-day event is between $200 and $400 (average of five different conferences is $300.) Food is in some cases not provided.

Return on Investment Breakdown:

Actual Expenses

Facility $4,896 ($4,100*)
Food $5,723
Printed Material $650
Microsoft Time $2,500*
Prizes and giveaways $2,598*
Travel/Time (speakers) $2,250*
Video Filming $3,500 ($1,250*)
Labor $5,800 ($5,280*)
Total $27,917 ($17,978)

Total expenditures through the CoE totaled $9,939 (overall expenses were down a little over 10% from 2010). In-Kind/Donations totaled $17,978 (denoted by *) covered 64% (up by 42% over 2010) of the total costs associated with this event and were up by 115%

If in-kind donations had not been solicited it would have adversely affected the quality of the event, while at the same time increase the total CoE funds needed to cover expenses. If approximately $74 dollars per attendee had been charged to cover actual CoE expenses it would have negatively impacted CTC professional development dollars available to faculty and it would have adversely impacted access for faculty whose respective colleges couldn’t afford approximately $200 to $400 to send between three and four faculty to the Summit. If faculty paid a minimum of $300 to attend an alternate, one-day for-profit event featuring IT industry speakers, panelists, subject matter experts discussing and demonstrating new IT products, emerging technologies, how to use them in their classroom, and advice on how to update IT programs to meet changing industry needs, it would cost the state and taxpayers approximately $30,284 (based upon the 2011 attendance number of 134).

The IT Futures Summit at a cost $74 per participant (this does not include the associated financial value of the in-kind donations), saved $30,284.

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