Evaluations: 2009

Evaluation Data and Return on Investment 2009 IT Education Summit: “Inspiring Faculty for Tomorrow’s IT Workforce”

Redefining IT/CS Programs for 21st Century Students & Industry

Friday, May 29, 2009

Attendance:  120

Please rate your satisfaction by filling in the number that corresponds accurately with your response:

1 = Poor, 2 = Fair, 3 = Average, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Overall Summit

Overall quality of this event                                                                                                                                   4.40 (88%)

Educational value                                                                                                                                                       4.31 (86%)

Availability of networking opportunities                                                                                                          4.05 (81%)

Logistics (registration, confirmation, accommodations, etc.)                                                                   4.76 (95%)

Opening Keynote

Jim LeValley, Global Education Programs Director, Microsoft Learning, Microsoft                                         4.21 (84%)

Session #1

How to Refresh Your IT Program – Alan Carter, Green River Community College & Jeff Johnson, Academy Manager, Microsoft                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      4.33 (87%)

Visual Studio 2010 – Jason  Olsen, Technical Evangelist, Microsoft                                                       3.75 (75%)

Elluminate Your Classroom – Mary Corcoran, Bellevue College                                                             3.53 (71%)

Session #2

Windows Server 2008 RC2 – Ward Ralston, Group Product Manager, Microsoft & Melissa Dehaan, Columbia Basin College                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          4.70 (94%)

Cloud Computing and Windows Azure – Ryan Dunn, Senior Technical Analyst, Microsoft          3.90 (78%)

Adobe Creative Suite – Ron Austin & Linda Walker, Bellevue College                                                 3.78 (76%)

Luncheon Round Table Discussions

Angel and Blackboard                                                                                                                                  4.33 (87%)

Green IT Jobs                                                                                                                                                 4.00 (80%)

Session #3

Advanced Office 2007: Sharepoint, “Why Employers Want Your Students to Know It” – Steve Fox, Senior Technical Evangelist, Microsoft & Mary Corcoran, Bellevue College                                                                         4.75 (95%)

Windows 7 – Stephen Rose, Senior Community Manager, Windows OS, Microsoft & Melissa Dehaan, Columbia

Basin College                                                                                                                                                                4.76 (95%)

Camtasia Studio, Snagit, & Jing Project: Creating Rich Media for Your Students, Jean Kent

5.00 (100%)

IT/CS Program Panel “Aligning Your IT/CS Program to Industry Needs”                                            4.18 (84%)


  • More Adobe and graphic design stuff!
  • Steve Fox was an extremely enthusiastic speaker!  I appreciate this is free and look forward to attending again.  Suggested future sessions are “The application of Twitter and Facebook to the classroom” and “How to Market your Programs”.
  • Loved the Windows 7 session.  Had a great day!  Suggestions for next year:  Office 2010, Certifications.  Thank you!
  • Great program!
  • Good pace.  Maybe shorten the panel session.  Topics for next year:  Successful hybrids and Virtualization.
  • Suggestions for future summits: Virtualization.  A suggestion for the IT/CS Program panel would have been to have them show PPT slides of program goals and changes they made.
  • Create a little bit more of a break between sessions in case they run late.  Office 2010 for next year.
  • This was one of the more valuable CITEs I’ve attended.  I learned a great deal about new technologies that are relevant to my teaching.  Have an unstructured 1/2 hour for networking opportunities.
  • I enjoyed the event.  A suggestion for a future panel would be to invite IT people from various areas for a discussion on what we should be doing with our current curriculum.
  • Lunch session on Angel was helpful, too.  Thanks!
  • Excellent conference.  Better than some weeklong sessions I’ve attended.
  • One of the best Summits I have attended.
  • Would like a conference like this for high school educators.
  • Suggestions for future summit: SQL Server 2008 and Business Intelligence.

Return on Investment

Over one-hundred (122) K-20 IT teachers and CTC faculty attended the one-day, free IT Futures Summit at Microsoft.  Faculty began their day with a 60-minute keynote presentation by Mr. Jim LeValley, Microsoft, who addressed the ““Job Market Outlook for IT Professionals”.  He also had time for a brief question/answer session.  Then participants were able to attend three of nine sessions, in one-hour blocks.  Round-table and networking opportunities were available to attendees during the one-hour luncheon.  The last program session of the day was a panel of CTC administrators and faculty who discussed their experiences at their respective institutions on how they have aligned their IT or CS programs to meet industry needs and changes in workforce demand.  Finally, there was a drawing for a number of prizes, including two Microsoft IT Academy Program memberships (Advanced Level value $1,795 and Essentials Level $995 value), one free registration to the 2010 CIT League for Innovation (value $675), Microsoft and Wiley books (value of $500),and a free registration to the 2010 Working Connections IT Faculty Development Institute (value $450).   Total in-kind monetary value of giveaways was $4,415. Breakfast, snacks, and lunch were provided for all participants.

In reviewing the average registration fees for a comparable event, the fee for a one-day event is between $250 and $650 (average of five different conferences is $400.)  Food is in some cases not provided.

Return on Investment Breakdown:

Actual Expenses

Facility                                                  $2,332

Food                                                      $2,696

Printed Material                               $1,000

Prizes and giveaways                     $4,415*

Travel/Time (speakers)                 $2,250 (1,250*)

Labor                                                     $6,500 ($5,000*)

Total                                                      $19,193 ($6,250)

Total expenditures through the CoE totaled $12,943.  In-Kind/Donations totaled $7,299 (denoted by *) covered 33% of the total costs associated with this event.

If in-kind donations had not been solicited it would have adversely affected the quality of the event, while at the same time increase the total CoE funds needed to cover expenses.  If approximately $110 dollars per attendee had been charged to cover actual CoE expenses it would have negatively impacted CTC professional development dollars available to faculty and it would have adversely impacted access for faculty whose respective colleges couldn’t afford approximately $200 to $400 to send between three and four faculty to the Summit.    If faculty paid a minimum of $400 to attend an alternate, one-day event featuring IT industry speakers, panelists, subject matter experts discussing and demonstrating new IT products, emerging technologies, how to use them in their classroom, and advice on how to update IT programs to meet changing industry needs, it would cost the state and taxpayers approximately $48,000 (based upon the 2009 attendance number of 120).  The IT Futures Summit at a cost $110 per participant (this does not include the associated financial value of the in-kind donations), saved $34,800.

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