Evaluation Data and Return on Investment

Date of Event: April 18, 2012; 8:30am-12:30pm
Location: Carlson Theater
Host Institution: Bellevue College
Number in attendance: 277

Survey Results (aggregated averages)

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being poor, 3 being average, and 5 being excellent)

How would you evaluate the industry panel discussion moderated by Maureen Majury, Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology
Usefulness of the information presented 4.38 or 88%
Applicability to you 4.19 or 84%
Level of detail 4.40 or 88%
Overall 4.50 or 90%
As a result of attending the session today, how likely are you to considering entering an IT-related field?
Likelihood 5 38%
4 39%3.5 2%
3 19%
2 2%
1 0%
77% indicated a 4 or 521% indicated a 3 or 3.5 (up 7% over 2011)
How would you rate the overall value of Careers in IT: The Real Story
Use the scale of 1 to 5 4.5 or 90%


  • Good.
  • I will be considering the IT field because of this.
  • I’m very glad I came, seeing people in this field has made me think about doing so myself.
  • It was great having the panel there to answer everyone’s questions; plus getting a couple different opinions.
  • Lot of information.
  • Great! Although my dream is to create shield technology!
  • I like how specific they are and how they know what it is like out there.
  • I really like the focus on having a strong passion (for their job) and staying focused on a goal.
  • I like the variety of backgrounds that the panelists came from.
  • Moderator of the panel did a great job. Panel was the best part.
  • Very good.
  • Solid description of the IT field.
  • Happy to bring students here.  Thank you for the program.
  • It was great listening to all the stories of the IT professionals. They gave great advice to us students that plan on doing this for a career.
  • Slow at start, got better at the end
  • Andrew Craswell is my favorite.
  • The questions for the presenters were great and it helped move things along and inspired students with their questions.
  • This is one of the best events I bring students to every year. It also challenges me to keep abreast of the careers opportunities in IT.
  • The panel was great.
  • Fabulous.
  • Great information from speakers; very interesting information about IT.
  • Thank you.
  • The biographies and comment of the panelists was interesting.  It helped me get a sense of what it will be like in computer science major.
  • The information was very helpful, especially since I already decided upon becoming a videogame designer. I am the one with the comic book question by the way.
  • It was interesting.
  • Really useful information, great commentary from audience. Wonderful experience.
  • It was really useful. It was a good experience.
  • Great information.
  • Great, I enjoyed it.
  • It was interesting and helpful.
  • I really enjoyed everybody’s story and their jobs and just learning everything.
  • Good.
  • The opening presentation could have been better, but the panel was great and it really inspired me.
  • Enjoyed the conversation between the audience and the panel.
  • Good details and good answers to questions.
  • Good job at being honest and detailed.
  • Interesting, kept me entertained.
  • Excellent presentation by panelists.
  • The questions asked were very good. Good job.
  • The program brought a lot of information and it helped me more understanding technology. Good job. Thank you.
  • They had great stories and described themselves at their job.
  • I have always been worried about my future and knowing what job opportunities are strong is really assuring.
  • Loved it.
  • Liked the first speaker.
  • Interesting information.
  • Great job good presentation.
  • Good job.
  • This is a very valuable event to attend if you are interested in IT career.
  • Very applicable to my life.
  • Very detailed and interesting.

Return on Investment

Students were provided with information about working for an IT company, opportunities, career pathway hints on beginning a career in IT, and how a student can make the most of their academic experience.  This was followed by an eight-member IT industry panel (the aim in selecting panelists was their past educational experience as a CTC student, as well as juggling a career and education) who answered a variety of questions about their careers in IT, educational experiences, and current professional experience. The panel discussion was facilitated by Maureen Majury, Director of the Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology.  Panel members included: Andrew Craswell, Bellevue College; Eden Lasater, Bellevue College; Tom Lee, Bellevue College; Katie Metcalf, Microsoft; Christopher Orth, Well Played Games; Kris Plunkett, F5 Networks; and, Elaine Powell, Chipton Ross/Boeing.  (Note: Some speakers/panelists donated their time). Finally, there was a drawing for a number of prizes, including a digital camera, calculator, and laptop video cam.  A hot, full breakfast and lunch was provided to the student attendees.  Additionally, transportation and substitute teacher costs were covered for five groups that between them brought over 200 high school and middle school students.  The remainder of the audience comprised of CTC students, faculty, career counselors, and high school teachers.  Facility fees were waived as the event was held at Bellevue College.

In reviewing the average registration fees for a comparable event, the fee for a one-day event is between $100 and $250 (average $175).  For a half-day, $90.  Food, in many cases, is not provided.

Expense Cost
Facility $1,620 *
Food $3,007
Printed Material $660
Prizes and giveaways $700
Travel for bus/subs. $1,500
Travel/Time (speakers) $1,286*
Video Production $1,500 ($750*)
Labor $4,200 ($3,000*)
Total $14,473 ($6,656*)


Total expenditures through the CoE totaled $7,817.  In-Kind/Donations totaled $6,656 (denoted by *) and covered 46% of the total costs associated with this event.

If in-kind donations had not been solicited it would have adversely affected the quality of the event, while at the same time increase the total CoE funds needed to cover expenses.  If approximately $30 dollars per student had been charged to cover actual CoE expenses it would have negatively impacted the budgets of school districts that sent their students (bus, substitute teachers, as well as the actual registration fee), and it would have adversely impacted access for K-12 students and school districts who couldn’t afford approximately $9,000 to send 250 students (registration, substitute teacher, transportation).    If students paid a minimum of $90 to attend a half-day event featuring IT industry speakers and panelists discussing careers in IT, it would cost the state and taxpayers approximately $24,930 (based upon the 2011 attendance number of 277).  Careers in IT: The Real Story, at a cost of $28 per participant (this does not include the associated financial value of the in-kind donations), saved $17,113.  The event was well attended (almost at capacity in the venue), well-received (see evaluative data above), and at least 98% (up 16% from last year) of the attendees indicated there is an 80 to 100% possibility they will consider pursuing a career in IT.


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