Evaluation Data and Return on Investment

Date of Event: April 29, 2009; 8:30am-1:00pm
Location: N201, N-Building
Host Institution: Bellevue College
Number in attendance: 164

Survey Results (aggregated averages)

On a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being poor, 3 being average, and 5 being excellent)

How would you evaluate today’s opening speaker, Mark Hinsbo, Microsoft?

Usefulness of the information presented        4.30 (86%)
Applicability to you                                              3.84 (77%)
Level of detail overall                                          4.35 (87%)
Overall                                                                   4.25 (85%)

How would you evaluate the panel discussion?

Usefulness of the information presented         4.26 (85%)
Applicability to you                                               3.92 (78%)
Level of detail overall                                           4.40 (88%)

As a result of attending the session today how likely are you to consider entering an IT- related field?

Likelihood                        4.27 (85%)

How would you rate the overall value of the Careers in IT: The Real Story event?

Likelihood                        4.49 (90%)


  • Thank you!
  • Would like to have had panel members from other IT areas than web development, software development.
  • Thank you!  (It was) worth the 3 hour drive.
  • Yahoo!  BC for bringing this networking opportunity to students.  Professors should exemplify this networking/passion.  Rudy Helm is particularly good at this.
  • I can see how this presentation is useful to future code writers!  Thank you for the information and food!
  • Maybe have some speakers representing the technical support aspect.
  • A summary sheet of the information would be very helpful to students.
  • Suggestions (needed) for internships for high school students.
  • Thank you for your time!
  • I felt this was a wonderful experience for my students.  I also liked how they dispelled the flaws about the future of technology!
  • Good job.
  • Great!
  • Fantastic job.
  • Thank you!
  • It was good.
  • You guys are great!
  • All did a very good job!
  • A suggestion is to have an event that has more of hands-on activities for high school students.   Different IT conference for High School only. Good job.
  • Can I bring my students next year?  Yea!! Very cool!

Return on Investment

Students were provided with a 40-minute presentation and question/answer session with Mr. Mark Hinsbo, General Manager of the Developer and Platform Evangelism Group, on working for an IT company, opportunities, and program pathway hints on a career in IT.  This was followed by a seven-member IT industry panel (the aim in selecting panelists was their past educational experience as a CTC student) who answered a variety of questions about their careers in IT, educational experiences, and current professional experience.  A question/answer session was facilitated by the moderator, Marcia Williams.  (Note: speakers were not reimbursed for their time or for travel; they donated their time). Finally, there was a drawing for a number of prizes, including a Microsoft X-Box 360.  All prizes were provided by Microsoft (in-kind monetary value over $750).  A hot, full breakfast and lunch was provided to the student attendees.  Additionally, transportation and substitute teacher costs were covered for two groups that between them brought over fifty skill center and high school students.   Facility fees were waived as the event was held at Bellevue College.

In reviewing the average registration fees for a comparable event, the fee for a one-day event is between $100 and $250 (average $175).  For a half-day, $90.  Food, in many cases, is not provided.

Return on Investment Breakdown:

[table id=1 /]

Total expenditures through the CoE totaled $7,750.  In-Kind/Donations totaled $6,149 (denoted by *) covered  43% of the total costs associated with this event.

If in-kind donations had not been solicited it would have adversely affected the quality of the event, while at the same time increase the total CoE funds needed to cover expenses.  If approximately $50 dollars had been charged to cover actual CoE expenses it would have negatively impacted the budgets of school districts that sent their students (bus, substitute teachers, as well as the actual registration fee), and it would have adversely impacted access for students and school districts who couldn’t afford approximately $1,900 to send 30 students (registration, substitute teacher, transportation).    If students paid a minimum of $90 to attend a half-day event featuring IT industry speakers and panelists discussing careers in IT, it would cost the state and taxpayers approximately $14,760 (based upon the 2009 attendance number of 164).  Careers in IT: The Real Story, at a cost of $47 per participant (this does not include the associated financial value of the in-kind donations), saved $7052.

The event was well attended (to capacity in the venue), well-received (see evaluative data above), and at least 85% of the attendees indicated they were at least more likely to considering pursuing a career in IT.

More information about our ROI and Evaluative Data