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Welcome to The Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology (CoE for ICT) hosted at Bellevue College. The center offers annual Center events, including the STEM Summit, Careers in IT: The Real Story, and the IT Futures Summit at Microsoft. Other Center activities include community and technical college program (degree/certificate) reviews, website development and management, research on workforce demand and new and emerging technology trends, oversight of the industry advisory board, and consulting. The CoE’s work has included developing grant proposals, provides fiscal management, and NSF-funded project management. Past projects include acting as a core advisor to ATETV.org, updating the NSF-funded Cyber Security and Information Assurance skill standards with CSSIA, acting as PI on the NSF-funded IT Skill Standards update project.  Current projects and initiatives from 2011 to present include research around disruptive technologies, including robotics, and exploring new IT programming possibilities and making them a reality.

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