IT Futures Education Summit at Microsoft

The 2013 IT Futures Summit at Microsoft has been cancelled.  Instead on Friday, June 7th, the Center is hosting the Pathways to IT Applied Baccalaureate Degrees for WA State Students Summit (see here for details and registration information).  If you want specifics, please contact Maureen Majury at  Hopefully, we will be able to hold it again in 2014. We know our faculty and educators look forward to this event and have enjoyed attending the last eight years.  The PowerPoint presentations and video from the 2012 Summit are available for viewing and downloading.

The Washington State IT Futures Education Summit holds its annual one-day event free event at the Microsoft Corporate Conference Center, (directions to the Center, Building 33), Redmond Washington. Join our technical and workforce development instructors and K-12 educators across our state in discovering new and innovative ways to improve IT education. This event features Microsoft speakers presenting on the new Microsoft initiatives, innovations, and products and subsequently the impacts, challenges, growth, demands of technology as it relates to education.


2012 Keynote Presentation and Speaker: Workforce Readiness For and Through the Cloud, Lee Anne Caylor, Director of Programs, Marketing Microsoft Learning 


Other 2012 Presentations:

The Arithmetic of Change: Gameful Research and Ludic Technologies for Education, Heritage, and Humanities,  Donald Brinkman, Program Manager, Microsoft Research Connections

Microsoft IT Academy Jeff Johnson, Business Development Manager, Microsoft IT Academy Program, North America, Microsoft Learning

Office 365 in Education + Productivity Derek Seymour, Solutions Specialist US, Education, Business Productivity

Office 15 in Education: Jerry Smith, Account Technology Specialist, US, Education

Windows Phone in Education and Education Application Channel Scott Blackwell, Senior Academic Developer Evangelist, Academic Programs

Data Management, the Cloud: SQL Server 2012/SQL Azure the Cloud Platform and Marketplace,  Tony Petrossian

Other Presentations in Development:

  • Metro Interface for Windows 8 

From the 2011 IT Future Summit at Microsoft

Download 2011 Keynote Presenter, Larry Nelson, Larry Nelson, World Wide Managing Director EDU Partners, Microsoft, Workforce Readiness For and Through the Cloud. Parts 1 through 4

Part I


Part II


Part III


Part IV


Windows Phone – Making Money in the Market Place: Today and Tomorrow, presented by Analisa Roberts, Microsoft Senior Product Manager, Windows Phone Market Place, Microsoft


View the presentations from last year’s 2010 Futures Summit

Jon Perera keynote presentation during the 2010 IT Futures Summit (Technology Trends 3-5 Years Out)

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Productivity in the age of Information Overload presentation during the 2010 IT Futures Summit

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Highlights from the 2009 Futures Summit (including: keynote and panelist discussing How to Align IT and CS Programs to Current and Projected Industry Workforce Demand)

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Highlights from the 2008 Futures Summit (including: keynote, Martin Bean, and industry panelist discussing Next Generation Technology for Next Generation Students)

[flashvideo  file=/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/martin-bean_F6_Md1.flv image=/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Martin-Bean.jpg  /]

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