CoE for ICT Advisory Board Emeritus Members

Rich James, Senior Business Process & Systems Consultant (with Wimmer Solutions & Point B)

Rich James works as a Senior Business Process & Systems Consultant. He’s currently working with Wimmer Solutions and Point B to effectively implement hiring, on-boarding, new employee training process, and human resources management systems.

Previously, Rich was with F5 Networks, as director of staffing, from 2000 to 2016.  He managed global staffing function for F5 Networks (Nasdaq: FFIV). F5 Networks has over 2,000 employees with annual revenues approaching $1 Billion. The global hiring team successfully filled over 700 positions in FY2010.

Other responsibilities include hiring, mentoring and managing a team of Technical Recruiters and Recruiting Coordinators, managing the North American recruiting operations budget.  He helps them work successfully with Hiring Managers and HR teammates. Rich is committed to ensuring his team is aligned well with business units and reacts quickly to changing needs.  Rich graduated from the University of Washington earning a BA in Business (with concentrations in international business and marketing).

Rich was the CoE Industry Advisory Board chairperson from 2010 through March 2017. Rich was an effective leader of the advisory board, and was there for the overall growth and increased level of services, resources, research, and professional event offerings the Center has experienced from 2009 until present. Rich also participated in many Center events, panel discussions, and gave presentations on the Center’s behalf. His work with the Center is very much appreciated as Rich is a thoughtful, insightful, and experienced technologist and staffing professional.

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